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So this question I think I have a rough idea of how to solve but not enough specifics to actually solve it.

I'd like to be able to read data using playmaker in relation to final ik. In a less vague sentence I'd like to make a camera that follows your position and I've got everything set up in playmaker except, it's not reading any position changes. As far as it knows my model is still in the center in t-pose.

I'm guessing in order to solve this I just need to put something in the script execution list but I'm not sure what and where???

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Its probably reading the position at the wrong time, before the IK has solved for the frame, when the character is still in it's default or animated pose. Final IK normally solves in LateUpdate, so the reading needs to be done in LateUpdate too, but after FIK has solved. I'm not an expert with PlayMaker, sorry, not sure where to insert such a thing..



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