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Hi Partel, I've just picked up the package and am messing about with the settings on my 6 legged walker (the reason for the purchase). I have balls connecting the legs to a hip-like joint which seems to respond well to the Rotation Limit Angle script, except that it rotates on the X axis, resulting in a twisted ankle joint instead of sweeping along the Z and Y axis which keeps the joint level.

Is there a way to stop one axis from rotating, or a script in the bundle that achieves this effect?

Essentially two Rotation Limit Hinge scripts perpendicular to each other that don't stop each from moving.

edit: additionally I have spent the day trying to recreate your spider tank with my own model, replicating the the script layout and trying to get a smooth walking motion, unfortunately I have ended up with a tap dancing spider. Would it be possible to send you a clip of what is happening and get some advice as to what needs adjusting?

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Hey, If I understood right, using a RotationLimitAngle and setting the Twist Limit to 0 would give you that kind of a 2DOF limit.

Yeah, please send me that clip.



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The twist limit does not appear to do anything at the moment, I will make a video and send it through.


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