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I'm having some issues creating hand animations for VRIK.

What I'm trying to achieve:

The VR character's hand closes to a grip position when the grip button is pressed.

What I've tried:

I created a new animation clip in Unity of the hand going from open to closed. I created a new layer in the pilot's animator controller (VRIK_Animated_Locomotion). I set the weight of this layer to 1 and blending to Override and added a new state for the hand animation.


I can see that the hand animation is being played in the new animator layer, but the base animation (blend tree for idling) for the character is overriding the hand layer. If I turn off the base character animations, and only leave the hand layer, then it works.

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Try creating a layer for each hand as well and adding avatar masks on all three; Body_NoHands, LeftHand, RightHand.

That's how I've currently got it setup and its been working great with VRIK and Puppet Master as well.

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