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In my game I want to support many different humanoid avatars, they might have different height, different arm length etc. And I'm looking for some semi-automatic way to calibrate such avatars using smallest amount of manual work per avatar.

Like how vrchat game does this - and it is also using final IK to do this, but with some additional tricks, all you need to configure is eye position of avatar (and additionally your height in game settings) and you can already upload and use avatar in game, and controllers are in valid positions, and it works perfect for many avatars, even if you are very tiny avatar, or you have very long/short arms.
In same way camera is always at valid position and you can really feel that you are tiny/huge without weird visuals, clipping head, IK issues.

so... I wonder if maybe there are some assets/examples/tips on how to automatically calibrate avatar like that. I'm only interested in simple 3 point tracking. (as game also support 6 point tracking for full body, but I don't need this in my game)
Maybe you were already facing such problem somewhere, or maybe there is some other asset that can help with this, as after 2 days of trying I still can't get close to something like that. (using steam vr 2)

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Have you seen the "VRIK (Calibration)" demo in Final IK? That calibrates the height for you and can be set up with 3 additional trackers on the ankles and the body. It doesn't help with arm proportions though, but a custom script that calculates avatar arm length, compares it to player arm length somehow and then adjusts "Arm Length Mlp" in VRIK arm settings, can be run on top of it theoretically.



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