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I have a project I need help with. It is about HTC vive trackers (3-8 of them) mocap  recording and playback applied to VR avatar and a different avatar controlled by a persond wearing trackers and HTC controllers and trying to perform the same moves as recorded mocap. Imagine a karate trainer performs a kata which is recorded (mocap) and a student equipped with trackers tries to mimic the moves by watching VR avatar playing recorded animation and the system should score the moves (bone rotations and positions) so someone can do progressive learning of moves based on score. Let me know if you or somebody familar with SteamVR, HTC vive trackers and FinalIK VRIK. My email: radoslavATeverestkcDOTnet I can compensate for your work.

Note: I would possibly like to create a networking application with VRIK controlled avatars appearing in the same scene. Prefered Unity networking is Photon 2.



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I'm sorry, I'm way too busy already with my assets to take on any extra contract work.

But to get you started, in Final IK there is a demo "VRIK (Calibration)", that is about calibrating a VRIK avatar to head and hand controllers + up to 3 additional trackers on the body and the ankles.


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This is a very involved project and I am just a beginner. I need to have about 8 trackers. 

Some work is being done here:
extending tracking to Elbows and Knees. 

I have a problem finding FinalIK experts.

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If you are looking for FIK experts, this is probably the best place to find them, or Unity Connect.



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