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I've had an issue for a while where my Puppet Master character's velocity resets to zero when I initiate puppetmaster.Kill() when the character is unpinned. It seems to happen at greater velocities, but doesn't seem to happen consistently.

Honestly I can't figure out the exact thing that's causing it, but I was able to reproduce it in the Killing demo scene by starting the character unpinned, waiting .5 seconds, applying a Vector3.Up force with a big magnitude of 20000, then pressing K to kill at some point during the character's arc. It's super inconsistent, but every once in a while the character will completely stop when I press K--all translation and rotation stop--and they fall back down.

I've messed with all the State Setting I can think of, and the problem still persists. Could you please help me solve this issue?

Partel: Thanks for creating fantastic assets that enable so many possibilities!


Currently happening with Puppet Master .81 and Unity 2018.3.9f1, but I've had it happening since some old Puppet Master release on Unity 5.6.

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Hey, thanks for the report, trying to reproduce it here. Can you please let me know if the problem persists there if you set all ragdoll rigidbodies to interpolalate?


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Thank you! Setting all ragdoll rigidbodies to interpolate seems to have fixed it.

I appreciate your help!

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