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The supplied pilot character works for vrik. But if i use other models, such as Izzy downloaded from Unity asset store, the arms and head becomes very twisted, though they animate just fine with animation controllers.

My question is is vrik expecting a particular way to rig?

What should models be rigged with?

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It is because of the different bone orientations. You'll just need to adjust the localPosition/Rotation of the IK targets that should be parented to the HMD and hand controllers.

The easiest way to set up a new character is this:

1. Add VRIK

2. Move the HMD and hand controllers to the model, as if they were worn by the model.

3. Duplicate the head and hand bones

4. Parent the duplicates to the HMD and hand controllers

5. Assign the duplicates as head and hand targets in VRIK.

Tutorial for SteamVR here.



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I just got Final IK and was able to quickly set up the pilot using your tutorial above and got it working in the Oculus Quest. My problem is that I have tried twice to export an FBX from Makehuman using the gaming rig and import it into Unity following tutorials. I can quickly get it working in VRIK. The legs work fine and bend properly when I walk. but the elbows don't bend!  I have checked the references in the VRIK add-on and everything seems to check out. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Thank you.
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Sorry, did you mean the elbows don't bend at all like the upper arms rotate, but the arms always remain straight or the elbows just bend weirdly in wrong directions?



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