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Hello dear developers.
This is my first question and first experience using FinalIK and Puppet. Sorry for my English. (Is there anyone who knows Russian?).
I immediately bought 2 of your products and now I'm trying to figure out how to solve the problem:

Player must hit the opponent in certain places.
I planned to use for this empty objects, with event triggers placed on the enemy, but it seems to me that this can be done easier.
Also need pain techniques and throws.
I understand that the task is not an easy one, but it seems to me that this tool can help in solving the set goal.
Can someone help with the decision? Council or demoscene.
I am ready to pay for ready-made examples, as I understand that I myself will not cope soon.

I use this beautiful animation batle:


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figured out the blows to the points, now I think how to handle events ) ..
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Yes, it is difficult, it is difficult to turn to the enemy, with a turning animation.
Hard to understand.

I will study the documentation, but it is difficult to understand ...

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