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I'm using Final IK (version 1.8) with the Vive Headset, 2 controllers and 3 vive trackers for the pelvis and the legs.
I think it works really well and I am pretty happy with the result.
I was wondering if there is any way to prevent the legs to shake with the vive trackers. I tried adjusting the straps of the trackers as much as I could but I still can see the shaking.
Is there any way programatically to prevent this?

- Another question, any tips to set the Pelvis Target, and the legs targets to have the best results?
For the Pelvis I use a vive tracker, and I only set the Rotation to 1, but not de position.
For the legs I use the vive trackes and rotation and position to 1.


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If its the trackers that are shaking, the only way I can think of improving it would be to not assign the trackers directly as IK targets, but to use another empty gamobject. Add a script on that empty gameobject that smooths out the shaking by continuously lerping itself to the position/rotation of the tracker:

transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, tracker.position, Time.deltaTime * 10f);

About the pelvis target and stuff, did you already see the "VRIK (Calibration)" demo?



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Thanks for the suggestion, I included a Vector3.Lerp for the position of the trackers and that helps.
Another thing I did, is use the trackers on the ankles instead of the feet, and it works much better.

I also took a look at the VRIK (Calibration) and this is what I'm doing for the calibration of full body tracking. It works much better than my solution.

I still have some issues with the Pelvis, this is what I do:

- I don't use childs but followers (script that follows the trackers) so I can apply Lerp on position and rotation.
- I calibrate the avatar and the trackers with VRIK Calibration (
VRIKCalibrator.Calibrate) and give the followers as an entry for the function VRIKCalibrator.Calibrate.

- I also have a simple menu to adjust manually the position and rotation of each tracker just in case the automatic calibration is not good enought so I can correct the posture of the avatar. manually
With all of this I'm having good result but I'm not 100% happy with the pelvis. 

Sometimes I can see the pelvis moving to much or rotating too much and that ruins the experience.
Even though I adjust the pelvis manually after the calibration, I still can see the pelvis on
the avatar exaggerating the moves. (too much bounce up and down or too much rotation)

Any more suggestions? Is there any thing else that I could do to mitigate this problems?


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You could try adjusting the Pelvis Position Weight and/or Pelvis Rotation Weight. They don't need to be 1, they could be something between 0 and 1 and maybe using only either position or rotation weight is best. Non-1 values actually provide the best results for the pelvis usually.



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