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I have a scene where my player is being moved quite fast. The VRIK avatar feet stutter behind the player, as if they are running to keep up.

I am using VRIK Platofrm, and have tried it with Update and LateUpdate. The parent is being moved with a standard Unity animation.

Is there any way to get the feet to stay planted on the parent and not stutter?

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I tried going into the "VRIK (Moving Platform)" demo and moving the platform "very" fast, didn't notice anything wrong with it. Please let me know how to reproduce the issue.



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I have same issue with physics.

Create GameObject with Rigidbody.

Make the pilot model its child.

When RigidBody is applied with larger force, it moves the entire pilot rig fast.

The entire rig and its Vr hands and head lag behind because they are involuntarily moved
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That sounds like an issue with the update order of things.

Are the IK targets parented to the rigidbody too or were you moving them with script?

If the head and hands lag behind a bit, that means something moves the controller after VRIK is solved. If you were using SteamVR and saw the character's hands lagging behind the controllers, find the "SteamVR_Settings" file in the Project Window and change "Pose Update Mode" to "OnLateUpdate".



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