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I am using FBBIK.

When I bend the back after applying FBBIK to the model, it looks unnatural because the back of the model is not bent.

How do I bend the back of my model?

Thank you.

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Sorry, how exactly were you bending the back? With animation or some code or using FBBIK effectors?


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thank you for your answer.

I do not understand how to bend the spine of the model which applied FBBIK.

I am using FBBIK Effectors.

I attached "Full Body Biped IK" to the model and set the parameters.

For example, put model's hand on the front.

Then the waist bends and the torso looks twisted.

But the spine looks straight.

This sometimes looks unnatural.

When I move the FBBIK Effectors Target in my model, the spine is always straight.

Does FBBIK (Finalik) have a function to bend the spine?

With AimIK, I understood in this video that I can bend the spine of the model.


Do I need to use AimIK to bend my spine?

I want to bend the bone like this video by moving the Target of Effectors of FBBIK.

Thank you.

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Please go to the FBBIK "References", expand the "Spine" and make sure all the spine bones your character has are included in that array (in descending order). If not, add all of them in, then FBBIK mapping can use them to smooth things out. Also, could try using another spine bone as the "Root Node" transform.



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