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Hi Final IK is a great program.

i have a couple of small questions

First Just wanted to ask if the Bend Goals are working on VRIK arms .  I create and set a target in the Bend Goal and set the Weight to 1 but the elbow does not rotate towards it.??  

Also tried the Twist relaxer script which works great till it reaches a limit where it suddenly flips the arm around backwards.  is there any way to keep this from happening??

Thanks VengefulColon

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Yes, they should be working. Sure it was "Bend Goal Weight" you set to 1 instead of "Rotation Weight"?

There's now way to get around the twist relaxer flipping issue, sorry, there is a singularity point at 180 degrees of rotation.


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Thanks ill check to make sure that i had the right one.  

If it works i wont need to worry so much about the twist relaxer flipping as the elbow can help keep it within 180 degrees   I hope.  :)

i was thinking if there might even be a way of checking and stopping  the rotation just before it flips. ??

All the best
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Thanks yep i had the correct settings.  But i did find the problem..

I was targeting an object that was attached at an offset from the VR controlled hand.

After some experimentation I found that objects that are children of the main character don't work as targets.  so i created a second target then on each frame update its position to the same as the child. and it works.

Thanks for your Help.

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