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Hey sorry for the vague question, but I've only ever seen Active ragdoll used on one or two characters at a time. I'm wondering at what point I might expect some serious slowdown...would it be 5, 10, 20 characters? I know it's dependent on what else the units might be doing, but lets just say in this case they are all active ragdolls moving towards one another playing a "punching" animation, nothing else really behind the scenes.


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It depends mainly on all the things listed here and of course the device you are running it on and what else you have going on in the game, but I'd say 10-20.



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Thanks for the quick response:

I noticed this bit here:

  • Keep your puppets away from each other. Less collisions means much less work for both the Physics engine and the PuppetMaster.
Is this tool not recommended for melee combat between active ragdolls (or maybe, Unity isn't a recommended tool for such a thing)?

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