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I have an object which interacts with both hands. I made hand pose on each hand. I drop the object (cylinder) and that spins so as to grab it with different angles. The first grab seems ok but in the next "grabs" i have offset from my hands-finger pose. (see photo for example) How can i fix it?

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It is difficult to see the hierarchy in that screenshot, but make sure the "Pivot" of InteractionTarget is not a part of the object model, I mean it should be an empty Transform that could be rotated by the InteractionTarget without messing up the model. Also make sure the pivot's orientation is orthogonal to the stick and also that the "Twist Axis" is aligned with the stick.
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I am using it with VRIK (and OCULUS) Does it need something more than the simple interaction? It works great with just FBBIK but i can not grab it well aligned as the hand pose is.

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