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Hello Partel.

My character is having a weird behavior, as if it's centered on the hips. As you can see on the video, when pushing an object in it, both the upper body and the feet seems to move and bend in a unrealistic way. I wanted the feet to be in place, as if the person is trying to keep standing up. Is there a way to limit how many joints the unpinning propagates? What can I do?

Just as a heads up, the video can be a little NSFW. Let me know if you do or don't mind.

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If you select the BehaviourPuppet object, you'll see "Group Overrides" under the "Muscle Group Properties" header.

That's where you can define how much damage is propagated to parent and child muscles of each group.

For example if you set "Unpin Children" to 0 for the Hips group, collisions with the hips would not unpin the legs.


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That's interesting but how deep the unpinning goes? Does it affect the direct children of the Hips, for example, or does is go unpinning the children's children and so on?
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If unpin children is set to 1, then it will unpin all the children by the same value as it unpin's the muscle that was hit.

If its 0.5, the child gets 0.5 * damage and the next after that gets 0.5 * 0.5 * damage and so on.

Same with unpinning the parents.

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