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Currently, I am trying to use VRIK to drive a full body avatar. I've been using your VRIK controller calibration script from your example scene and the script works as intended with some real time changes to arm/head positions to match up the limb positions.

I have two questions:

  • Do you have any recommendations for a more universal calibration cycle using the controller calibrations? I played around with the settings but it seems I would always need some real time dragging of limbs.
  • My scene includes a person stepping up onto a block in the scene. This block physically exists in the real world play space, I matched the size/position of the block using optitrack markers so it should be fairly accurate between the real world and the unity scene. The avatar seems to always glitch out when the person physically changes elevation from ground to the block for e.g. legs stay on the ground, waist position on the feet, head moves into the body, etc. Is there any offsets I can add or a script that you suggest to allow my avatar to transition from the ground to the elevated platform?

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1. If you always need to make manual adjustments on top of the calibration, I'd recommend you to automate them, run a script after the calibration that adjusts the localPosition/Rotation of the IK targets or whatever it was you needed to adjust, like this:

// Run the calibration, then just call this:

ik.solver.leftLeg.target.localRotation = Quaternion.Euler(leftFootTargetLocalRot);

...with leftFootTargetLocalRot being the Rotation value of the left foot target Transform after you had manually rotated it to your liking.

About the stepping up onto a block, if that glitch happens, does it help if you move the root of the avatar up to the block level? Sorry, haven't seen this issue before, would it be possible for you to record a video of that glitch please?



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