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Hi, thanks for the geat plugin !

I have a really annoying issue, I need to constraint my IK and limit it to a distance from the last bone in the IK chain, but when i get (for instance), the position of my hand, it always return the ame Vector3 and not my hand world position.

In short I need to get the position of my bones in the world space but it seems the plugin doesnt move them so they always return the same position evne if i move the IK controller. I hope my question is understandable, thanks in advance :)

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You'll just need to read the position at the right time in the frame. FIK components normally solve in LateUpdate, but after the LateUpdate of your own scripts (they set theirselves to a very high value in the Script Execution Order).

So if you wanted to read the position of a bone after IK has applied, you'll need to either do it from LateUpdate and add your script to a even higher value in SEO than the IK component has or use the ik.solver.OnPostUpdate delegate to get a call from IK each time after it updates.


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I just did a quick test, OnPostUpdate works like a charm, thanks a lot :)

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