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I tried to start two interactions in sequence. So I added an Unity event (let's call it event A) which start a second interaction at the end time of the first interaction. In the second interaction, I have another Unity event (let's call it event B). Since StartInteraction is called in the event A where the first interaction is not finished, I have to set interrupt to true. Otherwise, the second interaction cannot be started.

The second interaction is started. However, the event B isn't called. When I traced the code, I find that the triggered[i] flag in InteractionEffector has been set to true at the beginning so the event in second interaction will not be triggered anymore. 

Is there any best practice to create multiple interactions in sequence or at the same time? 

Thank you.

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Sounds like a bug. I tried to reproduce it in the "Interaction" demo, added events to both the button and the door interaction objects, but both events got called when I started the interactions in sequence. Had "interrupt" enabled too. Can you tell me of a better way to reproduce the issue?



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