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I'm playing around with modifying idles poses using ik targets/effectors eg arm guarding face or at the waist but want to blend in to an animation ie punch that is hitting a target also using ik and not aimik and then back to the procedural idle pose.

What would be the best to go about this if not doing it already using weights and ik.

ps im not using aimik for punching as that only seems to point the torso at a target and does not manipulate the arm to hit the target too. Is that correct?

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Hey, sorry for the delay..

There are a couple of demos for aiming punches in Final IK. One is "Boxing" and the others are "Aim Boxing" and "Aim Swing".

The first uses both AimIK and FBBIK to deliever a fully accurate punch. The others just just AimIK to reorient a punching/swinging animation to another direction.

But if you have your blocking effect done with IK on an idle animation, you can reorient that too, if you add a pass of AimIK on top of it (use IKExecutionOrder component) and handle the AimIK like in the "Aim Swing" demo.


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Hey Partel,

Thanks for replying. I think my questions were poorly worded.

What I actually meant (as i'm already using code for aiming punches along with aimik to target the torso) was to procedurally pose my character for there primary stance ie lower there arms, feet wide stance etc and transition from that to a punch animation which is using ik to aim.

I managed to find a solution that works almost flawlessly using the offset effectors script. Basically i'm giving my fighters a base idle animation and position there arms etc using offsets then blending out the weights when they throw punches, get knocked down, block (using ik :-).

It has saved alot of animation time and works amazingly well thus far allowing me to create fighter templates using offset effectors :-). Great product.

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