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With the new Valve Index Controllers, fill finger simulation seems to be accurate. Does your package support this input and is there any example of it working in the files or tutorials? Also, would it have any physics such as the hand conforming around edges of objects or grip forces or push forces when used as such?

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VRIK currently works only down to the hand bone level, it doesn't do anything for the fingers. Might be a feature in the future though.


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Using Final IK a lot for VR purposes, I also really need something to simulate human hands-fingers motion in real time.

I already tried a lot of stuff using FABRIK and FABRIK ROOT components/solvers but getting a natural feel user's hand is really hard.

It could be so nice to have it (a bit like VRIK component) into Final IK which is pretty good for all other IK aspect.
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I do get quite many questions about this, so I pushed this up in my todo list. Can't say when it will be done, but if you'd like to get started with a custom solution, this is how I'd do it..

Make a mapping of the avatar's hands to the SteamVR hands. That would be just defining the forward and up axes of the finger bones:

public Vector3 avatarFingerForwardAxis;

public Vector3 avatarFingerUpAxis;

public Vector3 targetFingerForwardAxis;

public Vector3 targetFingerUpAxis;

Those are the local axes of the finger bones that point towards the next finger bone (forward) and outwards, away from the palm (up).

Then match the rotations with RootMotion.QuaTools.MatchRotation():

avatarFinger.rotation = RootMotion.QuaTools.MatchRotation(targetFinger.rotation, targetFingerForwardAxis, targetFingerUpAxis, avatarFingerForwardAxis, avatarFingerUpAxis);

That finger code must run after VRIK.

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Hi Pärtel, just letting you know I already own VRIK but I'd pay extra for a hand animation system that could easily support Steam and Oculus controllers. There doesn't seem to be a solution out there that does everything. Something like Boneworks would be the dream, but I'm not sure how feasible that would be. Thanks.

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