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I am Japanese

Please understand bad English

I am currently developing a united online game.

Among them, I want to set up VRIK, but OVRCameraRig is in the hierarchy window, and model data with VRIK is in the file "resource" for managing network objects.

Can I set the VRIK in the same hierarchy?

Is it not possible to use script to determine the target selection for head, left hand and right hand?

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For the remote instance of the character there is no OVRCameraRig. The OVRCameraRig belongs to the other player so you can't use it's head and hand targets for the remote character.

On the remote end you'll need to create empty gameobjects to serve as head and hand target proxies, then sync the positions and rotations of the local head and hand targets to those proxies using OnPhotonSerializeView() (if using Photon).

Then just assign those proxies as IK targets of the remote character's VRIK.



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