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Sorry in advance for the long post:

I'm using puppet master on a project at the games studio I work for, and am driving the movement, rotation, and animations of a Hand through the system - to achieve a physics based ragdoll for a hand. But I've running into some problems which I haven't been able to solve:

I'm having an issue with Puppet Master in the setup I'm using to drive a physically animated hand (seen in Fig 1.) I have the configurable joints and muscles set up, and corresponding to bones in the skinned mesh, but it isn't seeming to drive the bones through puppet master.

Fig 1. Puppet Master moving, Skinned mesh not:  https://imgur.com/cUNXdjF

I'm not sure if this is due to my setup: I'm trying to drive the Position, Roll, and Pitch joints through the Puppet Master Joints (Hierarchy Seen in Fig 2.) and want them to translate over to the Skinned Mesh rig, they seem to be updating the Puppet Master correctly, but no translation over to the hooked up muscles (Seen in Fig 3.).

Fig 2. Puppet Master and Skinned Mesh in Hierarchy:  https://imgur.com/WbJqaax

Fig3. Puppet Master Muscle Settings:  https://imgur.com/mjapIAF

The other problem I'm having is actually driving the animations through the puppet master rig. I think I set up the connections correctly but I'm getting an animating skinned mesh, and a non animating puppet rig, is there something wrong with my settings? (example Fig 4).

Fig 4. Puppet Master rig not animating https://imgur.com/vG9MKez

The third issue I'm having is actually getting collisions through the Puppet Master rig to work (Fig 5.) This may be unrelated to puppet master and instead down to unity Rigidbody nesting, if so we can ignore this, but I did want to ask are there any examples where you're not driving movement through root motion?

Fig 5. Collisions not colliding:  https://imgur.com/gCBhymG

And finally possibly related or not, I'm having a null ref on behaviours in puppet master when it's attempted to iterate through these. (Fig 6.)

Fig 6. Null Ref Errors:  https://imgur.com/YNULtLj

I appreciate this is a long post, so I highly appreciate your time to help.

Any additional information you require I'll get over to you.

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Hey, sorry for the long wait!

I cannot guess in this case, what the exact problem might be. The null refs seem to suggest BehaviourPuppet has been destroyed after initiation or gone missing. That might be the cause of the other issues you were seeing too.

Any change you could send me a repo so I could take a closer look?




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