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Hi, I'm making a server authoritative multiplayer FPS and the game logic is something like this


void FixedUpdate(){

// Move characters

// Play Playable animation

// FBBIK.Update/Solve()

// Collect world snapshot



This sequence could ensure that all hitboxes are shown at the same position on all machines. However, I can't find such a function to make FBBIK update its solver manually. I guess I could use FBBIK.solver.Update(), but the doc said "Use only if this IKSolver is not a member of an IK component or the IK component has been disabled and you intend to manually control the updating", so I'm not sure if it fits my case, please help.

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Yeah, just disable the component in Start():

ik.enabled = false;

...then call


...in FixedUpdate().



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Thank you :D

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