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I'am currently trying to integrate you PM into my project. The issue is that even if I state it's mode as Disable, it still consumes about 3rd of all my resources. This is of course when I have approximately 30 of them. But because manual says, that it is supposed to be switched off and cosume nothing it seems wierd to me. Is it a correct behaviour or not? And if yes, then could you please tell me what is the best approach to solve this issue.

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In disabled mode PuppetMaster still has to run a little bit of code to calculate the velocities of the bones in case PM is activated the next frame and unpinned, to preserve the animated velocity then.

If you don't need that, you could set mode to Disabled, then call puppetMaster.gameObject.SetActive(false); after puppetMaster.activeMode returns PuppetMaster.Mode.Disabled (disabling is a delayed procedure).

Then call SetActive(true) before you reactivate.



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