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I'm using VRIK to animate a VR Model. In other models I have used hand animations to give the user feedback for button pushes. The model has an animation controller with masked layers for each hand. The base layer is empty. This method works for anything but VRIK.

Whenever I assign that controller to the model VRIK stops tracking the HMD height (stays at a fixed height somewhere in the pelvis area) and sinks the feet into the ground. Fixing the tracking height in a separate scripts won't work if the feet can't find the floor. I thought it was a root motion issue, but it doesn't make a difference.

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If you disable VRIK, you'll see the same sunken pose with the arms and legs bent. What is happening is that the Animator puts the avatar to default pose. Usually happens when you try to play a Generic animation on a Humanoid rig or if the animation clip is missing from the animation state.



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