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Hello Root-motion team.

I have a problem with character's friction decrease while it is running on a rotated platform. I made the rotated platform that looks like hill and un-pinned puppet slides quite fast from hill's top to hill's bottom. But when character gets up and runs back on hill's top from the bottom, it seems that character has max friction enabled and reach the top without any "zero friction" working.I already set hill's friction to 0 and changed character's capsule collider physic material to 0 (changed from code "DynamicMaterial" friction from 0.6 to 0). So what parameter should I change in order to let character slide on rotated platform while character is running ?

I already set all the parametrs in Character Controller to 0 such as:

-Platform Friction

-Ground Sticky Effect

Thank You for the answer.

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Could you please try setting "Max Vertical Velocity On Ground" to 0, that should give you a bit of that effect.



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