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I'm sorry that English is not my native language.

I applied the Puppet to a very large scale gameobject.
After the Puppet is hit, it does not return to its original position.

Modeling does not fly because the amount of mapping is set at 0.6, but collider flies.

MuscleSpring does not solve this problem.

Is there a way to keep the collider from flying when it hits with a very strong Velocity?


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Sorry, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the issue. Could you please record a video of the problem?

Use support@root-motion.com if you'd prefer to keep it private.


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I'm also having some problems with high velocity collision.
On our game, we have a simple dash mecanic, using AddForce VelocityChange. Sometimes, when a puppet is dashing and hit another puppet, the two puppets are going very fast in the dashing direction.

My movement and dashing mecanics are using AddForce, and the velocity is never updated directly.
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Please try increasing "Pin Distance Falloff" in PuppetMaster, see if that helps.

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