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i havent inderstand how to setup layers for puppetmaster

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  • Make a Ragdoll layer, CharacterController layer, Ground layer, and Obstacle layer. Of course you can choose the actual naming.
  • Put PuppetMaster and all it's children on Ragdoll layer
  • Put PuppetMaster.targetRoot (the gameobject with Animator and character controller Rigidbody and Collider) to CharacterController layer
  • Make CharacterController layer ignore collisions with Ragdoll layer in the Layer Collision Matrix and also the Obstacle layer so your ragdoll could run into stuff without the character collider blocking it.
  • Put anything you want your puppet to ragdoll to collide with on the Obstacle layer (except other puppets).
  • Put walkable surfaces to the Ground layer
  • If using BehaviourPuppet, assign Ragdoll and Obstacle layers as "Collision Layers" and Ground layer as "Ground Layer"

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