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Hello all,

I am in development of a robot arm and I am using the CCD IK script to solve the inverse kinematics of the object's position as it is moving around. However, this movement only works for me when I am in scene mode but never in game mode. I figured that the best way to allow for this movement to happen was to try to map the end effector's movements to a script that changed the position every time I pressed a different arrow key; however, the script did not affect the end effector's position. Below is a picture of the object I made and its hierarchy (sphere 5 is the end effector) as well as the position script that I tried to implement. Any help or words of advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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To clear any confusion, by play mode, I mean game mode instead of being in scene mode while the game is playing.
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Also sphere (5) is the sphere at the bottom of the chain.

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You should make a new gameobject, assign it to the "Target" slot of CCDIK. Then in your code, move that gameobject.



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