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I've been having some issues with a bit of an intricate setup for Puppet Master. I have a Hand Rig, which is intended to react physically - and for the most part it does.

Here is it working basically as I'd like (however with certain functionality locked as that functionality is whats breaking it): https://imgur.com/hFEl4o3

The issues I'm having seem to involve the flag Fix Target Transforms. I have an animation that plays on the hand when it needs to grab something, this is how it animates when the Mapping Weight is set to 0 The wrist joint is the selected transform as this is what I'm having an issue with: https://imgur.com/b5kdlu8

However, when I have Fix Target Transforms true, and Mapping Weight at 1 the wrist joint is moved back, even though there is no movement in the animation itself: https://imgur.com/61vYB0j

This unfortunately has the knock-on effect of when I set the wrist configurable joint to be 'locked' (which is needs to be to get the top 'desired behaviour' gif) the movement in the wrist transform will force the entire wrist backwards, like so: https://imgur.com/qdrpFnQ

I was hoping you might have some insight on why this is. So far I've tried adding individual Fix Target Transform setting to each Muscle Prop, but this didn't fix the issue with the wrist transform moving backwards, instead it just perpetuated it by allowing the wrist to move a large distance, and turning Fix Target Transform results in behaviour like this: https://imgur.com/JYPjhan

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This issue with this was the lower down finger joints had their positions and rotations set to locked, so the impulse from trying to move them into position was coming back up to the wrist, this problem can be closed


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