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I am trying to set up the Fullbody Biped IK, but am having some problems. Once the references to the transforms are put in, The component ui squashes and disappears and I can't access it. Furthermore, when I go to play mode, I don't see any IK gizmos or handles. My character is not strictly biped, and I'm kinda forcing this biped IK onto it, but I was hoping to at least a good base IK, even if the results would be wonky, and then add on other IK solvers. Here are some images of what I mean.

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Hi, I just realized how small the images are. Here is a close up of the component area.

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It is because of invalid references. The screenshots are pretty small so I can't see what it says there, but I can see a small text box on the bottom of the FullBodyBipedIK component on your first screenshot, it should tell you what it finds wrong/missing. If it just says invalid references, please send me that fbx to support@root-motion.com and I'll see how it can be set up.


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I redid the references in a different configuration and it worked. Thank you!

I've been loving the asset and also got Puppet Master, both are amazing assets! I was wondering if you could point me in a direction where I can find more info about extending the FullBody IK. I am hoping to add two more legs and the eye stalks. So far I've tried LegIk, LimbIk and CCDIK and individually they works, but I'd love to have them connected to FullBody - that way I could pull one limb and all the other limbs follow.  I've seen the classes reference on your site, but I was hoping for something more step by step. Is there anything on the forum? I've looked a little, but there's 80 pages of info (which is awesome) and I haven't been able to find a section about that.

Thank you!
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I'm afraid that would be an insanely difficult work. I mean if it was not, I would have probably added the functionality of extra limbs myself by this time. There is also the performance question, solver cost grows exponentially with each added chain so it is probably not worth it.

I'd still recommend having FBBIK set up on the main limbs, then solve the extra limbs with LimbIK/ArmIK/LegIK (just make sure they run after FFBIK).

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