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Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to know if there was any way to keep the VR Camera from clipping with the Avatars head..

I Have an offset for the camera and Ive adjusted the near and far planes. and for the most part there is no clipping. i can walk around etc mostly good.

but the head will still clip a little if i jump run or quickly crouch.   i was wondering if there has been any success keeping this from happening.

i know that some people simply cut off the head or flatten or hollow out the face but this looks bad in mirrors and when you walk along and see your shadow on the ground without a head it is a little creepy. :)

Thanks In Advance   :)

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Does it still clip when you disable "Plant Feet"? With that disabled, the head will always match exactly with the head target. Unless there is a problem with the execution order, that is making the IK lag a frame behind, solving to the last frame's camera position. Usually happens if the IK is updated before the camera transform.


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Thanks Ill try that.  I know plant feet is currently on so ill turn that off.


All The Best and ill let you know how it goes.

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