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How to run lose balance from a script?

How to play animation when falling in its pure form?

Reference: https://youtu.be/fW_H-jf6M_g?t=17

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Hey, if you were using BehaviourPuppet, then this:


That will make the puppet lose balance. You might want to also set behaviourPuppet.canGetUp to false.

Then you can just call for any animation in the Animator like you normally would and the puppet will follow physically via the muscles.

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Thanks for your reply!

I have rotation around the axis in the animation and it doesn’t work, the animation of the bones works. Can I do something about this?
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No, when the puppet is unpinned, it will be animated only physically via it's muscles and there is no muscle magically constraining the puppet to some world space rotation.

You could add a ConfigurableJoint between the hips muscle and the hip bone of the model, set X/Y/Z Motion to Free and Angular X/Y/Z Motion to Locked.



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