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Hello Pärtel,

I've bought Puppetmaster recently and i really love it so far. Almost everything works with fantastic results, however the "Dead" State of the puppetmaster is buggy for me so far. My problem is that then the State.dead is activated, the model starts jiggeling around like crazy for a few moments before calming down. Also, the head of my character disappears (moves into his belly). I assume this is because of the colliders of the ragdoll? I had no luck fixing it so far, sadly. I would appreciate if you could help me!

Attached are two pictures of the bug and the ragdoll at the moment.





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Hey, thanks for the purchase!

First make sure you have "Fix Target Transforms" enabled in PuppetMaster.

If that's not it and you got the package earlier than Monday this week, there is a new version available that might just fix it, multiple issues regarding PuppetMaster states and modes were fixed.


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Thanks for the reply, updating worked!



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