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So I'm using VRIK on an avatar in Unity 3D. Everything seems to be working fine, however, there is an issue with the hips and the spine, for some reason they bend.

Even when there are no targets on the solver, they still bend, only when I hit play.

After play:

Before play:

This is how my Avatar should look like and how it looks before I hit play or when I hit play without VRIK:

I have tried everything but I still have no idea what is happening or how to fix it.

By the way, I am having a very similar problem with the spine.

How to fix these two problems?

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Please update to the latest version (1.9), I believe that problem has already been fixed.


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I encounter the same issue with version 1.9. The character I'm using was created using VRoid and converted to FBX using Blender. I assume OP's character was also made with VRoid. Animating the character normally shows no issues. A different non-VRoid character does not exhibit this behaviour with VRIK.

I have made a new post about this including a sample scene.

Edit: It's solved, thank you!

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