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I have all the effectors in a certain location, and I'm animating them with a simple script that moves the effectors around. This is all working fine, however... for some reason if the model starts in T pose before I click play in unity, it jumps to the right position and the animations start working... but the limbs have weird creases in the arms and elbows that make the model look messed up. Now if I manually move the armature bones to a similar position to the animation out of play mode, then click play, the model is all fixed when the effector animations start playing.

So what model rig data is saved on awake? I have tried turning the fullbodybipedIK component on and off to see if it fixed this and it doesn't. So if all the weights are fully up on every effector, why would the models start position effect anything? I have also tried with and without fix transforms thinking that could be the cause... but it was not the cause.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Thing is, FBBIK samples the pose of the character when it initiates to find out which way the limbs should be bent. The character should not be in perfect T-pose as when the limbs are completely straight, FBBIK will not be able to calculate the bend normals. Here's a tutorial explaining this issue and how you can fix it.



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