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I have tried everything I can to create a custom character. It imports into Unity just fine and I can set the Animation type to Humanoid. All the bones in the armature map properly. When I add the character to the scene and set everything up following the tutorial, which I have done successfully with the sample models, there is no connection to the character at all. In game mode I can move, but the model stays behind. Any hints on what I might be doing wrong?

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Hey, Is the model just standing there, not doing anything?

Do you see any errors or warnings from VRIK logged in the Console when you hit Play?

If you could send that fbx to support@root-motion.com, I'd check it out.


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Thank you for your help. I guess when I try to use an exported model from Blender, VRIK has trouble with the Wrist to Palm and Palm to thumb Axis. There were 2 errors as such and I was able to get it working. This really opens it up for me to be able to create multiplayer games for the Quest. Thanks again.

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