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The “Interaction Pick Up 2-Handed” demo was used as a reference to hold a box in the character's hand.

A box is placed on the child object of the chest bone to shake the box according to the movement of the walking motion.

If a character with Grounder FBBIK on is climbing a hill while holding a box, the position of the hand and the box will shift.

As with the demo, when placed as a child object of the character's root object, the position of the hand and the box were the same.

Is there a way to align the position of the hand and the box without turning Grounder FBBIK off while matching the motion and the shaking of the box?
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I forgot to add a script to update the box position used in the demo to the hold position.

Even when a box is placed as a child object of the root object, the box now shakes as the character walks.

However, if I go up the slope with Grounder FBBIK still on, the box moves up and down at high speed.
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Set PickupSphere and Sphere of Interaction Pick Up 2-Hand Demo to Grounder Demo, and added InteractionSystem and FullBodyBipedIK to Character.

HoldPoint was added as a child object of Pilot's Spine2.

If the character holds the ball with both hands and moves up and down the hill or moves on the bumpy ground, the ball shakes up and down.

Is there any other way to keep the ball from shaking up and down than turning Grounder off?

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If you add this script to the "Hold Point" gameobject, that should make it work nicely with the Grounder.



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It worked well with the Grounder Demo.

But it didn't work for my character.

My Grounder settings may be wrong.

Check the settings with reference to Grounder Demo.

Thank you.
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Sorry, I didn't understand, I mean I used the same solver settings as in Grounder demo to test it.

Could you send me a repro or something?


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On my laptop, the held objects never go up and down.

If the designer plays the exact same project on the laptop that she uses (a laptop that performs better than my laptop), the objects go up and down.

It occurs only with my character.

Grounder Demo does not have this problem.

I don't have enough time to determine if the Grounder FBBIK value I set is wrong or the effect of other assets on the character.

And I can't send the project because I have some paid assets set on the character.

I will check and report if I understand anything.

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