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Hi, I am thinking about buying Final IK, but the game I am making uses rigidbody physics and multiple colliders from to fit simulate the body's shape.

Making my own IK scripts I have had a lot of trouble with rigidbody and colliders making a mess of things.

Can final IK support physics based characters or at least simulate physics to some degree(Falling based on where player is hit from, falling backwards if there is no valid place to plant one of your feet ect)?

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If you tried to apply IK or any other scripted transform adjustments on a character hierarchy that is physically simulated, it would conflict with the physics and just mess it up.

I do have another asset, PuppetMaster, that is all about physics based characters and that also enables you to run IK on active ragdolls.



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Thanks for the helpful answer, I will look into PuppetMaster

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