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I'm somewhat new to rigging in Unity and FinalIK, and I'm having a really difficult time figuring out how to get a mechanical arm to match the orientation of an Oculus Touch controller. The "arm" is essentially a long shaft that ends in a swivel that can rotate along the shaft axis, followed by a hinge that can flex mostly along a single axis that's orthonormal to the swivel axis, and another hinge orthonormal to those other axes afterwards. The "shoulder" is offscreen, behind the user's head. I can share screenshots of the object privately if needed.

From reading other posts online it seems that FABRIK and CCD both have no control over the orientation of the end effector, and the built-in Limb IK only wants to work with three bones (and I can't seem to get it to respect limits either way). Is there anything I can do? I'm a bit lost here.

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Please check out this answer here, that is the only solution I can provide for rigs with more than 3 segments.

IK solvers that can do both position and rotation of the target are too complex and way too slow for general game development, which is why I haven't made the effort to add them to FIK.



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