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I'd like to allow my ragdoll to be a bit beefier.  In the attached gif, I have messed with the muscle pin weights a good deal, the feet are at 1, knees are .75, spine at .5, head at .25.  all other muscle values are at 1.

What I'd like to have happen, is for the muscles to be strong enough to push back when you fall upside down, like at the end of this gif, or for there to just be more resistance in general when the body collides with objects.


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You should increase "Muscle Spring" instead, that is the strength of the muscles basically.


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Hey again,

I tried this but didn't seem to solve my problem.  changing it to a very high number, or even Infinity, didn't make any difference.  As a simpler example, I was digging around in the example scenes, and there's a "x-boarding" example.  I tried making a bar at knee-height to the puppet, to stop the character from sliding down the hill, but he will just bend underneath it with no resistance.  Is there any solution to add that resistance to the puppet?

Thank you for your help!


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