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I want to be able to use a character controller to move my character around a scene using the VR touch controller thumbstick, but I still want the head and hands to track using VRIK.

I have this setup in a scene using the VRIK (Oculus) example scene, but I have to set the IK Position Weight to 0 to move the character using the character controller and animator, and then back to 1 when I want to use the head and hand tracking.

How can I get these to work together, so run about and wave my hands for instance.

Thanks in advance!


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Not sure I understood, what happened when you left IKPositionWeight at 1?

You'll have to parent the OVR camera rig to your character controller so your "virtual self" would move together with the controller. The avatar with VRIK should not be parented to the controller, as it should use the procedural locomotion or animation to catch up.


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OK, thanks Partel.

I had both the OVR Camera and VRIK Avatar parented together with the controller. I will try it with the avatar separated.

Will let you know! :-)
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Could you explain this a little differently so I can understand this as well?

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