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Hi Partel,

I now have locomotion working, and I can run about and it plays my running motions whilst I can be waving my hands around using my touch controllers.

However, I am seeing the tip-toeing issue that others have mentioned, but scaling the root transform does not seem to fix. And I also have a strange problem where the character will spin many times if I turn my head more than about 45 degrees left or right?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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The spinning is a circular dependency issue. I think you might have your VR rig parented to the avatar. If so, VRIK will turn the root when you turn the head, that in turn rotates the VR rig and in the next frame the same thing happens all over again, causing it to spin.

About the tip toeing, please try adjusting some variables in the Spine settings, like reducing "Neck Stiffness" and/or "Body Rot Stiffness".

Also, moving the head target backwards relative to the avatar might help too.


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Thanks Partel, I will try that out!
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I have adjusted the Max Root Angle on the Spine which has stopped my character spinning, and I have adjusted the OVRCameraRig y pos to stop my character tip toeing.
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Ever get the tip-toeing figured out? I have the same issue when I fully stand. Thanks.

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