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After searching all information on the forums, videos on YouTube and the Final IK manuals, I'm seeing how difficult it is for myself and others to setup VRIK with a simple animator controller, where the upper body is controlled with VR controllers, (In my case, the Oculus Quest) and the lower body is compatible with animations and movement run through the animator controller. Movement of the player seems to immediately break the combination of these two systems.  I am not a programmer by the way but use Playmaker for game creation.

Could you please create a Final IK demo someday in the future for VRIK (Oculus) Integration package where you have a VRIK setup with a basic animator controller where basic movement is handled with the keyboard? You already have animator controllers setup for basic walk, run and crouch animations as part of Final IK and have other scenes where you can control the character already. Trying to navigate this issue is such a nightmare as I've talked to alot of people in trying to get this to work with unsuccessful results. I'm glad the game Dead & Buried has it working well, but alot of games that have been released is obvious that they couldn't get it working beyond the procedural feet shuffle.

I've created my own working character controller with Playmaker that moves & animates using the Oculus Quest touch controllers which is great in VR, where the hands have yet to follow anything. I can also use VRIK with my character (with no animations) separately in VR with the procedural feet shuffle, where hands do follow the Oculus touch controllers. Combining these two systems together however is incredibly rough due to not understanding how everything should function together and I haven't seen anyone do this successfully and post how to go about it yet. I've been looking at the grounder, twist relaxers, and various other components but it's hard to figure out how to get this working.

Any help on this issue or pointing to documentation or any information would be of GREAT HELP!

-Ross Omland


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Hi Ross, I have managed to have some success with Final IK, VRIK and locomotion using a character controller. Take a look at the YouTube clip below, I do still have some issues mainly with tip-toeing, but I am making progress... I will try and post some more info/a tutorial regarding how I got it working soon...


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Yeah, that's looking great!  You even managed to have the crouching working as well.
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Nevermind, I did get this working.

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If the Center camera position is not centered at the eye area of the Pilot, that's when you'll get the character looking like he's walking on his hands, because the camera is set at 0 and the head from the Pilot gets pulled down to the floor to the camera location.
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Hi Ross, I am very interested in your setup. I too use Playmaker and Final IK and integrating VRIK into my project for the Oculus Quest. Would it be possible to get a copy of your scene file? Can't really make out the screenshot you posted and would like to dissect it. I'm not using VRTK but instead using VR Interaction and VR Weapons Interactor by Mass Games. Be interesting to get all of these integrations figured out and documented here.
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I've tried adding my scene file to GitHub.  Not sure if I missed any files for this.

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Thanks you for this!
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Do you have any tips on how to make it work without the playmaker?

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