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I Use PuppetBehaviour for simulation the people who was playing slide(the people slip base the shape of slide),so when the people colliderEnter the slide,I set the puppetBehaviour.state to Unpinned (PuppetBehaviour.SetState(RootMotion.Dynamics.BehaviourPuppet.State.Unpinned ), when the people ColliderExit the slide ,I set the puppetBehaviour.state to Puppet(PuppetBehaviour.SetState(RootMotion.Dynamics.BehaviourPuppet.State. Puppet), Then I Found the Rigidbody lose it`s velocity and drop down;

hope your Answer;

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If your character controller is a rigidbody, you could transfer the velocity from the hip muscle to the character controller before you call SetState:

characterRigidbody.velocity = puppetMaster.muscles[0].rigidbody.velocity;
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help me a lot!!!

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