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I am making a game, where I am taking the user's upper body Torso  movement as input. I am already using only the headset for torso move input. But I was considering of taking headset and two controllers for getting more natural torso movement and avoid edge cases.

 How feasible and reliable is it to use VRIK to track torso movement and taking the movement as input to drive mechanics? As the player will be continuously moving and this input will drive core mechanics, so I need good fast input data with less error from VRIK. Please give some suggestions

Thank you.

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It depends, I mean if you did some subtle motion with your shoulders or spine, without moving the head, VRIK will not be able to tell the difference. For the head it is easy, it is a rigid object with a tracker, but the further down you go from the head, the more VRIK will have to basically just guess.

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