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I'm developing a multiplayer app for both the Oculus Rift and Quest using Unity, VRIK, and PUN 2 (Photon View, Photon Animator View, etc.).  In terms of humanoid model avatar motions following the player's hand and head motions, for the Rift everything works fine except that the other player's avatar is in its default state (in my case with the arms elevated and extended away from the body) and completely motionless.

For the Quest everything's fine for the first player until the second player enters the room, at which point the hands of both players' avatars lock up and can't be moved.

Any insight as to how to resolve these issues will be greatly appreciated.

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It's probably not a problem with VRIK, sounds more like something wrong with the networking code, syncing IK targets maybe doesn't work.

Try to play with a build and editor, so you could see the other player's avatar in the editor, then see if the gameobjects assigned as targets in VRIK are moving or not. If the problem happens when players join, it is usually an issue with PhotonView ownership.


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I'm getting a similar issue with PUN2  with AimIK. The AimIK is not being synced across the network.. So when the player moves it doesnt update  the aimIK location. I think this is something to do with the AIMIK being generated at run time orsomthing along those lines and dont have a clue how to get round this. A Solution would be great

Thanks Daniel
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AimIK doesn't do any networking on it's own, you'll just have to sync the target position over to the remote client(s).

With AimIK you have 2 ways - sync aimIK.solver.IKPosition using on PhotonSerializeView or assign an already synced Transform as the IK target. Keep in mind that if you have the target slot assigned, it will overwrite aimIK.solver.IKPosition before each update, so if you synced IKPosition, but had an unsynced Target transform, it would not move.

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