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Hey Partel,

I was curious if there were any plans to further expand the Hand-Poser? I've found it incredibly helpful for my VR title and being able to save proper hand poses "inside" of any Grabbable object, and already ironed out all the bugs and it works flawlessly.

But as far as I've been able to find, your Hand-Poser is the only competition that SteamVR has at all in this area! I haven't found any other assets that performs the operation as cleanly as yours does, and as I'm developing cross-platform (both Oculus and SteamVR), I can't rely on SteamVR's hand posing system.

The only area that I feel SteamVR has an edge (and that Oculus user's are ultimately missing out on as a whole) is animating/lerping between two hand poses, based on a given input. For example, a developer could (as I have currently), written a script that determines input from the player and if their hand is triggering certain inputs, change to a different hand pose, however it would have a big impact on the player if we were able to gradually adjust between poses. It's possible this may already be implemented and I simply haven't figured out how to do it! Any thoughts are appreciated :) Also, as the VR Industry is heading towards finger-tracking (Valve Index currently, and Oculus Quest's update coming next year), being able to interpolate/animate between two poses on a per finger basis would be amazing.

Any thoughts?

Stephen K

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Yes, a more generic and interpolation-friendly hand solution is on my road map, but it is a large road map so I can't promise when it will be delivered at this time,sorry.



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