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Hello, I have setup finalIK AimIK script on the player. TheAImIK object is set 10 meters in front of the player and all works fine in single player mode/ However when i play with 2 players the AimIK script deosn't update to the AimIK transform objects location over the network. I can't seem to get the script to update to the object location over the network. Do you have any experience with this or has anyone got any pointers to get the script to work with networking?


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AimIK doesn't do any networking on it's own, you'll just have to sync the target position over to the remote client(s).

With AimIK you have 2 ways - sync aimIK.solver.IKPosition using on PhotonSerializeView or assign an already synced Transform as the IK target. Keep in mind that if you have the target slot assigned, it will overwrite aimIK.solver.IKPosition before each update, so if you synced IKPosition, but had an unsynced Target transform, it would not move.

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