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I am currently making an Archery BattleArene kind of game I use Unity 2019.2 and I bought PuppetMaster with intend to make my enemies react more life like to received projectiles. Yet after setting up ragdoll and puppet behaviour it is not reacting to received projectiles (it is reacting to other objects like other enemies or fall over objects so I do know it work and is reacting)  :/ I already checked:
- collisions layers, decreased collision resistance to near zero values, checked demo scene where you fire small spheres toward player (but those also seem to not make any impact to player yet my laptop is chocking on this scene)

- projectile (arrows) have collider and rigidbody, and are fast moving objects. I tried to change mass off arrows and size of collider yet with no effect.

So my question is what should I do to make my enemies react to received projectiles?

Also does PuppetMaster react to received forces like via in script AddForce? For example will it react to explosions?

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Did you try ContinuousDynamic collision detection mode? Perhaps the colliders just skip. The demo puppet absolutely should have impact to the spheres, did you increase fixed delta time in the project maybe?

About AddForce, yes, it can be used. Please check out the "Puppet Raycast Hit" demo.


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Thanks for quick response. 

Actually I messed around with demo scenes and it took me a while to figure out why puppet did not react to raycasthit as seen on introduction videos. It look like I had Fixed timesteps in physics set to very low value of 0.001 when standard is 0.02 (so my understanding is that physiscs calculations were made more often). My issue now is what should I change in puppet settings to offset more frequent physics timesteps that I still need to correctly register fast moving objects like arrows.

Just to clarify what I observed in scene "Puppet Raycast Hit", when physics timesteps were set to 0.001 than it was imposible for puppet to lose balanse (even with small "Pin Weight"), it jittered a bit, but look like raycasthit did nothing to him, When changing timesteps to standard 0.02 one hit was enough to make puppet loose balanse.

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So more physics steps means the physics will be more accurate and the puppets will be stiffer as muscles will be updated more. It's not actually anything PuppetMaster does, just the joints will behave different.

To get similar as default value, try reducing "Muscle Spring" in PuppetMaster.

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